We are currently rehearsing in person with our fully vaccinated members. Our December 12  concert will be in-person and online. Watch this spot for information.

The Alpharetta Community Chorus is grateful to the Fulton County Commissioners, Fulton County Arts and Culture for their generous grant which made possible The Chorus Meets the Composer video series. As a result of the grant, we were able to interview four composers whose music we performed, including two virtual choir recordings. We made these recordings available to the public, including choruses in Fulton County and throughout the world. The videos, featuring composers Susan LaBarr, André Thomas, Tom Gorman, and Jeffery Ames are available on our website, AlpharettaCommunityChorus.com, our Facebook page, and our YouTube Channel. 

Chorus member, Brenda Friedman commented, “Participating in these Meet the Composer interviews was an exciting learning experience for me. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to learn from these composers whose music we have sung. With fresh insights into their musical processes I look forward to working on their arrangements with new purpose and meaning. This experience was such a joy!”

Cathryn Hale described the interviews as “Mesmerizing! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about these talented composers and their call to music, education, and the music writing process! It will be very special the next time we sing a piece of their music!”

We hope you will enjoy the videos and share with all the music lovers you know.

The Chorus Meets the Composer: Susan LaBarr   https://youtu.be/ry-3Q9NC7co  

The Chorus Meets the Composer: Andre Thomas   https://youtu.be/M9Yn6tlpbSQ

The Chorus Meets the Composer: Tom Gorman     https://youtu.be/LDxsIaDxe5c

The Chorus Meets the Composer: Jeffery Ames      https://youtu.be/x79i8rheLB4

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Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

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