Tom and I believe people need to sing.

After retiring from 30+ years of music education in the public schools, we felt we had more to offer.  So Tom and I founded the Alpharetta Community Chorus.  We also wanted to create an outlet in which Tom’s mom (who lived with us for 5 years) could sing, something she loves to do even as she struggles with the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s.  She was only able to sing for the first 3.5 years of the group’s existence before the challenges proved too much.  But, by then, the chorus was established and is now entering it’s 5th season.

The Alpharetta Community Chorus is a safe place to sing.  It is a non-auditioned group that has gained its 501(c)(3) status and provides free concerts to the public.  In addition to the rehearsals, we offer regular lessons in music reading (using a universal solfege system) so our singers continue to grow in their musicianship.

It’s all about strengthening our community through our common love of music and the many benefits we reap through participating in group singing.  We continue to encourage Tom’s mom to sing, but we had to create new opportunities for her.  We began leading weekly singing classes at the local senior center (Park Place Social Singers) where we revisit songs of the members’ youth and teen years.  We also engage in regular sing-a-longs with the residents of the memory care unit where Tom’s mom has resided since January of this year.

Tom and I know the impact that music has on lives.  We have seen and experienced the positive changes that it has sparked in those around us.  We are determined to spread the joy, to bring music to life, and to nurture our humanity through the arts for as long as we are capable. We choose our music carefully so that it captures the hearts and interests of both our singers and audiences. We are careful to select songs that are achievable by all the singers comprising our chorus, no matter their previous experience.  While there are so many dire things happening in our world today, we are dedicated to improving our existence.  So we have devoted ourselves to sharing the power of singing.  Plus, we meet some of the nicest people along the way who have broadened our global family even more.  Come join us and sing!